Album Italy dental implants cost 1000 USD in HCMC, Vietnam

Italy dental implants cost 1000 USD in HCMC, Vietnam. The loss of teeth is one of the serious problems that face us. As a result of the removal of teeth and loss of the lack of oral function and inability to perform its tasks of cutting food for small pieces and grinding to be swallowed and sent easily to Mary and then the stomach.

Dental implants before and after

The lack of teeth from the mouth result in serious problems affecting the body as a whole of deficiencies in the process of digestion and output and obesity and bad breath odors and diseases of the stomach and intestines and gall bladder.

Let's start from the beginning, the phase of tooth loss which has very serious consequences, it is very important for the dentist to know the reasons that led to the removal of the tooth whether it is due to caries or disease in the gums and supporting tissues or broken age. Restoring the functions of the mouth begins with the restoration of damaged teeth and compensating the lost ones. We can define this process by replacing teeth.

One-year implantation process
Dental implants include dental implants and implants. Both procedures aim to compensate the teeth but in a different way.

Italy dental implants cost 1000 USD in HCMC, Vietnam
Dental implantation is the most comprehensive term that includes the installation of fixed or moving teeth as well as their implantation. The fundamental difference between the structure of the teeth or the implantation (whether fixed or moving) is the method of fixing the new structure. While the fixed or moving structures depend on the surrounding teeth to achieve stability and resistance to movement and movement while performing the function, Implanted to stabilize the tooth and support it without compromising any of the teeth or surrounding tissues.

Italy dental implants cost 1000 USD in HCMC, Vietnam

Dental implants are now common practice in dental clinics, such as padding or cleaning, and will soon become the only solution to replace lost teeth.

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What is the detailed difference between dental implants and fixed or moving dental implants, and what are the benefits of dental implants? What are the requirements of dental implants and contraindications?

Post dental implants

Mobile Fittings
It is now rarely used as a temporary solution, and it can be used with older adults in full kits and supported by the bottom of it.

Fixed fixtures
Is used as a substitute in cases where it is difficult to fill the tooth without exposing him to the risk of fracture or nerve exposure, and can also be used to beautify the shape of the tooth, especially for the front teeth, which may suffer from dyes and warp .

Fixed fixtures are used to compensate one or more teeth by replying the adjacent teeth to load missing teeth.
One of the disadvantages of this method is to restore and reduce the size of the adjacent teeth and remove the calcium-rich enamel layer responsible for protecting the tooth from decay and thermal effects.
If the number of missing teeth is large, the composition is loaded over more than two years.

What are dental implants ? Dental implants take the place of missing teeth. These replacements are comprised of three parts:

Crown: The tooth-like part of the implant, usually made of ceramic material, designed to look like a natural tooth.
Connector: Sometimes called an “abutment,” the connector is used to secure the tooth-like crown of the implant to its base, and is often hexagonal or octagonal in shape.
Base: A titanium screw that fuses with natural bone to provide a safe, stable base.

Italy dental implants cost 1000 USD in HCMC, Vietnam.
What is Dental implant ?

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The advantage of Dental implants
Dental implants are the third and most recent alternative to missing teeth. This is the most successful method because it does not affect the teeth and surrounding tissues. Dental implants compensate tooth roots lost by titanium supports.

advantage of dental implants
The advantage of dental implants

To ensure the success of dental implants, certain conditions must be met, including:
  • The patient should be healthy from certain diseases that affect the condition of bones such as advanced cases of diabetes and osteoporosis.
  • The presence of an appropriate amount of jaw bones, as this type of bone is a functional type, which is often eroded at the loss of age, and to ensure the success of agriculture must first replace the missing bone, and then the completion of agriculture.
  • Ensure the bone dimension to be implanted in the nasal cavity and jaw nerves, and that is the task of the doctor, which is evaluated by analysis and radiation.
  • And of course maintain and maintain oral and dental health.
  • Shiny-White-To-Implants

Dental implants process
Dental implants process in nha khoa Thuan Kieu, HCMC, Vietnam

How to start dental implants?
After the patient has decided to use the dental implants and chosen by the appropriate doctor, the doctor begins a complete examination of the patient's mouth. Routine examination is not very different from periodic and routine scans, plus a procedure for scanning of the jaws and panoramas, and sometimes blood and calcium tests. Examination of adjacent teeth and oral health in general is very important, since a clean oral environment must be provided to receive dental implants.

The doctor will alert you to appropriate guidelines for oral and dental hygiene, and guide the patient to adopt healthy social habits such as quitting smoking or temporarily limiting them during the transplant process.

Dental implants or fixed fixtures
Dental implant components
Age implant consists of:

dental implants cost 1000 USD HCMC Vietnam nha khoa Thuan Kieu 2002 2018
Dental implants before and after

The body of the implant, which is the part that is implanted in the jaw, and consists of titanium metal safe and fast docking with the jawbone, and is considered the compensated part of the missing tooth root, diameter and length depending on the location and size of the missing tooth and the number of adjacent plantations.
Shutter screw: placed above the implant body after finishing the planting stage.

Cover and healing: a temporary cover over the body of the implant and shutter screw, and remains until the installation of the new age.

The compensatory part: the new tooth that is installed and attached to the implant body.
dental implants cost 1000 USD HCMC Vietnam nha khoa Thuan Kieu 2002 2018
Dental implants before and after

Get the right price for this process

How is the implantation done?
Dental implants are routinely performed in dental clinics and are carried out in stages:

  • Stage 1: The right place for planting is prepared by placing the implants made of pure titanium metal in the jaw bone, where the tooth is lost.
  • Stage 2: Bone and jaw bone healing This is called bone marrow transplantation, which takes six months for the upper jaw and three months for the lower jaw.
  • Stage 3: The final structure of dental implants. This phase includes a number of sessions to make the final formulation of oral prints and experimentation for final fixation.
  • The process of implanting teeth without pain or pain is very slight and natural, can be overcome with the tablets of habitual residence. The success rate of dental implants is 95% for the lower jaw and 90% for the upper jaw. The average age of dental implants as determined by doctors 25 years

It can last a lifetime, but keep in mind the patient's interest in his health and interest in cleaning his teeth and taking care of them well,

dental implants cost 1000 USD HCMC Vietnam nha khoa Thuan Kieu 2002
Dental implants using foams
A new method of implantation or even laser therapy has recently emerged, a minor surgical intervention without conventional surgery by means of a scalpel, and can be used in all areas where there is sufficient bone. Extend the bone by making a hole within the gums of a specific size and depth not to exceed 5 mm diameter, and that hole is prepared by using the types of laser known on the gums in the area to be opened.

This method provides the patient comfort at the highest levels, and it provides the highest degrees of healing and wound healing after the completion of the process, because the laser features of the thermal acts of immediate clotting of blood and the fusion of parts of the gums and bone.

dental implants cost 1000 USD HCMC Vietnam nha khoa Thuan Kieu 2002 before after

This process is similar to performing operations through binoculars. For example, if the patient wants to perform the appendectomy performed through a wound, and has evolved by replacing it with a small hole, and from this approach was invented a new and easier and more sophisticated according to the nature of the bone patient, Where the time can be shortened from the traditional methods, sometimes to be the installation process immediately after transplantation, or left from 35 to 180 days; to ensure the fusion of the jawbone with the implant, during which time using a temporary moving composition.

dental implants cost 1000 USD HCMC Vietnam nha khoa Thuan Kieu 2002 before after

How is the tooth implanted with the jaw bone?
The bone healing between the implant and the jaw bone depends on the cleanliness of the wound, the bone drilling method and the quality of the implant itself. Dental implants are made of titanium and the outer shape of the implant is made of many helical linings coated with a layer of calcium, cortisone and antibiotics that accelerate the process of healing between the implant and the jaw bone.

dental implants surgery
Dental Implants Surgery

What are the risks and complications of dental surgery ?
There are no risks or complications resulting from dental implants that are completely safe with the possibility of a slight tumor after the operation or some pain that can be overcome with the tablets of the habitual residence. Successful preparation and planning by the doctor for the itinerary protects against complications and risks.

After dental implants
dental implants cost 1000 USD HCMC Vietnam nha khoa Thuan Kieu 2002 2018
Dental implants before and after
Other uses for dental implants
The common idea for dental implants is to compensate for one or more missing teeth, but dental implants can be used as an adjunctive solution to improve the quality of jaw bones in older adults whose quality of bone does not allow the possibility of complete dental implants. 3-4 injections are placed in the jaw, and placed in the section to receive permanent tooth magnet.

In contrast, the other part of the complete moving kit is placed in the other piece of magnet, which helps the stability of the kit and not vibration and movement during use.

Post dental implants
After the implantation process and the installation of the new tooth, the patient will deal with his new teeth in a very natural way, taking into account cleaning the gums and not leaving the food waste, and of course periodic dental inspection every 6 months.

How to care for your dental implants

Your new implant teeth must be cared for and checked regularly, just like your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing is just as important for your implants as it is for your other teeth. We recommend all patients with implants maintain their regular dental cleaning intervals with the maximum length between cleanings to be 6 months.  Anti-bacterial mouth rinses that are alcohol-free, such as BreathRx, are highly recommended.
The best way to care for your dental implant is to have regular professional care and good daily home care. Professional care includes regular cleanings and exams with your dental hygienist and dentist. On the home care side, both manual and power toothbrushes are safe to use on your implant. Another safe and effective tool is a water flosser. It has been shown to be highly effective for reducing bleeding and gingivitis around implants.

Dental implants are posts that are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw, where they function as a sturdy anchor for replacement teeth. It's a good idea to discuss implant treatment carefully with your dental team. Regular dental visits are key to the long-term success of your implant. Some patients need professional cleanings two to four times per year. Your dentist will set up a program to ensure the health of your implant and your natural teeth.

Your dentist will also suggest a home-care routine to suit your needs. It will include brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. You may also be advised to use a special toothbrush or a mouth rinse to help prevent cavities and gum disease.

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