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Dental crowns are tooth-shaped plugs, designed to completely cover a tooth to the gumline. When a tooth becomes fractured, decayed, or worn with age, porcelain crowns can strengthen and stabilize the tooth. They can also be used to aesthetically enhance certain individual teeth. The high quality porcelain crowns we offer at nha khoa Thuan Kieu dental care center, in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, office are virtually indistinguishable from your surrounding teeth. Durable and stain resistant with a realistic luster, they have a natural appearance and feel.

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What is dental porcelain crowns ?
Porcelain crowns serve several purposes. It can be used as a cosmetic dentistry solution to cover worn or discolored teeth, or as a reconstructive dentistry treatment to strengthen teeth, following treatment to repair trauma or tooth decay. They can also be used in conjunction with a dental bridge to fill gaps left by missing teeth. If you are missing a tooth, a crown can be used in conjunction with a dental implant to completely replace the tooth. (Source:

When a tooth has been severely damaged by decay, fractured or worn out with age, the ceramic crown can be used to strengthen and stabilize the tooth. Our dental crowns are made of durable ceramic, stain resistant and similar to real teeth. These high quality ceramic crowns are virtually indistinguishable from your surrounding teeth; they provide a completely natural feeling.

What is dental porcelain crowns

Ceramic crowns serve many purposes. They can be used as a cosmetic dentistry procedure to cover teeth with permanent stains or to strengthen teeth; or, in conjunction with a dental bridge, to fill holes left by missing teeth.

Dental crowns procedure
- The procedure for installing porcelain prosthetic veneers takes place during two separate appointments, with approximately one to two weeks of time between these two appointments. Once you and your dentist have discussed your goals and finalized a treatment plan, the first step is to remove a thin layer of tooth enamel to create room for each restoration. For example, if your facets have a thickness of .5mm, the dentist will remove about .5mm of enamel. This preparation allows your facets to lie flat on surrounding tooth surfaces for a natural look. During this stage, your dentist will use a local anesthetic to maintain your comfort.

- The next step is to take impressions of your teeth. These fingerprints are used for the manufacture of your facets. This impression will then be sent to our partner ceramist, who will use it in the laboratory to make your porcelain prosthetic veneers. We work with a world-renowned prosthetist. It will ensure that your veneers will be faithful to the natural complexion of your teeth ... Your facets will be faithful to your smile in terms of shape, size and color.
Dental crowns procedure
Our Ceramist provides reliable and exceptional facets with a fast turnaround time of about two weeks. Your dentist will place temporary dentures until your next appointment. Your second appointment will be scheduled when your permanent facets arrive. Once we make sure your new faces meet your expectations, we'll attach them to your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. Finally, your dentist will make the precise adjustments necessary to ensure a comfortable bite.

Pros and Cons dental crowns:
Dental crowns offer many functional and aesthetic benefits. Following treatment to repair trauma or tooth decay, teeth need structural support. Otherwise, the tooth would not be able to resist the chewing pressure. Dental crowns are carefully crafted to cover a treated tooth and provide comfort and functionality. In addition, the crowns are custom designed to give a faithful appearance to the surrounding teeth. You will not have to have any lack of confidence when you smile. Porcelain prosthetic veneers are designed to hide minor dental imperfections and enhance the overall appearance of your smile. Our cosmetic dentists facet to hide stains, chippings, gaps and other imperfections for a true improvement to your natural appearance. Our caring, attentive and personalized approach during the initial consultation will allow you to take an active role in the design of your new prosthetic facets. We believe that your goals, combined with our expertise, will create a beautiful smile and have amazing effects for your overall appearance and self-esteem.

The Advantages of dental crowns
The advantages of dental crowns pro and cons

The treatment of porcelain veneers carries very little risk, but some patients may experience greater tooth sensitivity in hot and cold temperatures. With proper care, facets can last for years, but they do not last forever. In order to take advantage of the long-lasting benefits of this treatment, patients should avoid biting or chewing hard or sticky foods with their facets, brushing teeth and flossing twice a day, and maintaining a calendar of bi-annual oral checkups.

The maintenance of your crown

The maintenance of your crown
The crowns are durable, and with proper care, will last for many years. With a crown in place, you should continue brushing your teeth and flossing every day. However, you will have to change your technique of flossing to pass the silk back and forth within the ditch rather than up and down. You will also have to avoid biting or chewing hard or sticky foods with your crown. During your recommended semester exams, your dentist can assess the condition of your crown.

Cost of porcelain veneers
The porcelain veneers cost 300 USD/Zirconia tooth, veneers costs 400 USD/veneer, which achieve amazing effects to your overall appearance and your self esteem. Dr. Lam - cosmetic dentist applies these thin ceramic shells to the front of patients' teeth. They can lengthen or reshape teeth, hide cosmetic imperfections, and make minor improvements in orthodontics. Since veneers lead to a thorough improvement, this treatment can be a good investment for your smile. The cost of the procedure for installing porcelain prosthetic facets at our HCMC dental center vary depending on the number of restorations, additional procedures, and other factors that you will require. With the procedure of installing porcelain prosthetic facets at Nha khoa Thuan Kieu dental center , you will enjoy exceptional results that will last for many years. Contact us today to learn more about the aesthetic procedure and to get an estimate of the cost of personalized treatment. Source:

Dental crowns/Veneers before and after - nha khoa Thuan Kieu 2018:

dental crown before and after

dental crown before and after

dental crown before and after

dental crown before and after

dental crown before and after

dental crown before and after

dental crown before and after

At nha khoa Thuan Kieu, we customize each of our treatments to meet the individual needs and goals of our patients. Thus, it is difficult to provide an exact cost for the procedure of installing porcelain prosthetic facets without making a personalized evaluation. Ultimately, the total cost of your treatment will depend on:

  • The number of facets that will be asked: the number of porcelain veneers that will be asked is by far the main factor contributing to your treatment costs. You may choose to install only one porcelain veneer to correct only one defective tooth. However, as patients' belongings, you may prefer to improve your overall smile. In this case, your dentist will pose facets on all your front teeth. 
  • Sedation Options: Local anesthesia is performed prior to installing the porcelain veneer, so it should include little or no discomfort. However, if you are nervous about your procedure, you can benefit from sedation dentistry . We offer sedation awake by intravenous sedatives, helping you stay comfortable throughout your appointment. 
  • Complementary treatments: You can choose to combine the procedure of porcelain prosthetic veneers installation with other procedures for a complete transformation of your smile, such as the treatment of gingival recessions. . It goes without saying that these treatments will generate additional costs.
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